The Lumina LU-400 is a reliable patient response system designed specifically for use in a MRI scanner. Lumina was developed to satisfy the requirements of both the clinical and research fields.

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Lumina controller features

Under the hood, the Lumina controller packs a lot of power, much more than is apparent at first glance.
All the features described below can be set once using the XID Control Panel program and then stored in non-volatile memory inside the controller.


  • Reaction timer
  • Experiment timer
  • Trial alarm
  • Port test timer
  • All timers have 1ms resolution.

 Accessory connector reflective mode

  • Continuous mode
  • Single pulse mode
  • Double pulse mode
  • Logic can be set active high or active low

In reflective mode the pin on the Accessory Connector reflect the status of the response pads'
push buttons.

Accessory connector general mode

  • Any I/O lines can be used for either input or output.
  • Lines selected for input can be pulled high or pulled low.

In general purpose mode the Accessory Connector can be used for general purpose input/output
(I/O) operations.

Serial port

  • Lumina's serial port operates at 9600, 19200, 38K, 56K, or 110K baud. Four different 
  • data communication protocols are currently supported: 
  • Lumina / XID. This mode supports all the timing features described above.
  • Cedrus RB Series mode. This mode emulates the popular Cedrus RB Series response pads.
  • E-Prime / MEL mode.
  • ASCII / MEDx mode. 


  • An additional feature allows the user to lock the Mode and Switch push buttons on the back of the Lumina controller to prevent an accidental change.