Calibrated Displays

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  • Display++-Touchscreen.jpg

    Display++ LCD Monitor

    Display++ makes it easy to display calibrated visual stimuli with precision timing, and provides robust and reliable synchronisation of the stimulus presentation with external data collection equipment, at an affordable price.

    Configurable contrast resolution combined with fast panel drive rate, custom
    lag free electronics, and a scanning LED backlight are some of the tools that
    make Display++ ideal for cognitive, psychophysical and neurophysiological
    investigations of vision and the brain.

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  • Boldscreen-Cream-350-7T.png

    BOLDscreen 32 LCD for fMRI

    Premium MR Safe 32" display for up to 7T fMRI provides superior image quality necessary for vision research. BOLDscreen 32 is the only LCD display for fMRI with 120Hz input and output, high brightness, a wide colour gamut, no time lag, integrated sensor for luminance calibration and, of course, no interference with the scanner.

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  • Product-image.png

    DepthQ 360 DLP Projector

    Developed in collaboration with scientists at HHMI Janelia Farm, this novel display solution was engineered specifically for rendering high temporal and spatial resolution images for vision research.

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  • mitsubishi-drawing.png

    22" Mitsubishi 2070SB Colour CRT for Vision Science

    22" colour CRT displays for vision science.

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